Meet The Neighbours awarded Creative Europe Funding

Quarantine have been awarded funding from Creative Europe to lead on a new international residency project, Meet The Neighbours, in partnership with Comédie de Béthune(France), Galeria Labirynt (Lublin, Poland), Grand Theatre (Groningen, Netherlands) and 18, derb el ferrane (Marrakesh, Morocco). Addressing the role of artists in changing cities, Meet The Neighbours aims to foster a true sense of neighbourhood on both a hyperlocal and an international […]

Making Wallflower: Richard Gregory, Director

1. Country dancing (1969 – 1971) 2. The crowd outside St Peter’s Church in Belper (1981) 3. A woman on stage asking the audience for cigarettes in Alain Platel’s La Tristeza Complice (1997) 4. Someone behind me ripping the shirt off my back at the Clash at the King’s Hall, Derby (1978) 5. Hating Mårten Spångberg’s Epic and realising now […]

Making Wallflower: James Monaghan – Dancer (Part 2)

Wallflower is a Tango. It is a question of how much do I want to give you? Should I give you? Do you want? Can you take? How much can I take? Being careful to not make the ‘wrong’ steps To make ‘real’ steps To not make shy steps Being free Being honest Being guarded […]

Making Wallflower: James Monaghan – Dancer (Part 1)

I always say I’m not a dancer. I am told that this is NOT helpful. But for me: it is. For me the dances in Wallflower are not the most important Maybe I would go as far to say the memories the performers are sharing are not the most important. It’s the invisible dance, a […]

Making Wallflower: Renny O’Shea – Dramaturg

On Saturday Jo said that it’s not about the performers fulfilling the task of remembering every dance, but about the audience making their own remembering narrative. It’s me watching a 12 year old Sonia dancing to Sister Sledge and seeing her 50 year old body in front of me.  It’s something of what Adrian Kear […]

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. is nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award

Quarantine’s Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. has been nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award for Best Special Entertainment. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. premiered in April 2016, transforming Old Granada television studios into a performance venue for our seven-hour quartet of performance and film, tracing the shape of a life. Co-produced with HOME and Contact, the quartet featured over 50 local […]

Moments from the Wallflower archive

Wallflower challenges its performers to remember every dance they’ve ever danced… it’s an ever-expanding archive of memories, a portrait of the life of each performer, told through the dances they remember on-stage and in rehearsal. Since we began in summer 2015, we’ve archived over 1600 dances. Each time Wallflower is performed, one performer sits out […]