Wallflower: A view from the audience

Photo of performance

Ali Ford, Theatre Programming and Development Coordinator at Square Chapel Arts Centre, shares her response to the 5-hour version of Wallflower at GIFT this May – where we danced our 2,000th dance! I first fell in love with Quarantine’s work as a Theatre & Performance student at the University of Leeds, when Make-Believe came to stage@leeds. […]

Manchester’s Culture Awards

Manchester Culture Awards

Manchester City Council has launched the city’s inaugural Culture Awards, and is asking the people of Manchester to put forward nominations. Did you have an incredible cultural experience between April 2017 and April 2018, or do you know someone who goes above and beyond to support culture in Manchester? If so, you can nominate them here: www.manchester.gov.uk/culture_awards We’re putting […]

News from the rehearsal room #4

Theatre Director Chelsey Gillard shares some interesting thoughts about communication adjustments during the rehearsals, and their echo outside the ENGLISH rehearsal room. Jonny – “There was a woman from Manchester who I couldn’t understand. She didn’t have any lip patterns, she didn’t move her mouth. I can normally understand people from Manchester….. Lou’s dad, he’s […]

News from the rehearsal room #3

Theatre Director Chelsey Gillard shares her response to some time spent in ENGLISH rehearsals An empty space. Or so it seems. A person in the space fills it with their thoughts, their history, every moment that has preceded this one. It seems obvious, yet all too often we forget. But how does that person share […]

News from the rehearsal room #2

A response to rehearsals for English I’m writing this on the train journey back to Manchester from Cardiff, where Ali, Kate and I have just spent a few days in the rehearsal room for English, Quarantine’s collaboration with National Theatre Wales that will premiere at the Wales Millenium Centre as part of the Festival of […]

News from the rehearsal room #1

Two weeks ago, rehearsals began for Quarantine and National Theatre Wales’ new piece, English. Richard and Renny, co-artistic directors of Quarantine, movement director Jo Fong and writer Sonia Hughes are working with performer Jonny Cotsen, in the rehearsal room at the National Dance Centre at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, where English will premiere as part […]