Quarantine to deliver ‘Ark’ in 7 European cities

We’re building an ark – before it’s too late… We’re delighted to announce that over the next two years Quarantine will work with partners to deliver a major public project in seven cities across Europe. The ‘Moving Borders’ project, initiated by a consortium of European theatres, festivals and public bodies, sets out to deliver seven […]

In quarantine – a message from Richard Gregory

“Quarantine – the word speaks of disconnection: hospitals, immigration controls, officialdom at its official worst or best…. And while Quarantine’s work is neither cold nor disconnected, and is a slap in the face of the awful officialdom of much theatre, queries about meaning are often the least useful place to start…” John McGrath, programme note […]

Update: In quarantine

Like many of you, at Quarantine we’re still adjusting to our present reality and processing what it might mean for our future. We’ve never been more self-conscious about the name we chose 21 years ago. We’re everywhere! From this perspective, our co-Artistic Director Richard Gregory has written a short message from his own personal quarantine. […]