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Richard Gregory & Renny O’Shea at FFFilm Project in Porto

Quarantine was established in 1998 by directors Richard Gregory and Renny O’Shea with designer Simon Banham. We make original theatre, performance and public events with and about the people who are in it. Whatever form it takes, our work begins and ends with the people in the room. Over the last 20 years, we've collaborated with a shifting constellation of artists, performers and people who've never done anything like this before. Our work seeks to create the circumstances for a conversation between strangers...

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Richard Gregory & Renny O’Shea at FFFilm Project in Porto

Posted: 14 September 2012

Quarantine’s Artistic Directors Richard Gregory and Renny O’Shea were asked to write a text for a book being published in relation to the fascinating FFFilm Project in Porto. Led by director Né Barros and her Balleteatro company, the festival is a video and film event exploring ideas around the family/familiar.  Through a programme of home movies, feature films and documentary, the festival examines the democratisation of the use of image and the liberalisation of recording devices like mobile phones and digital cameras.  It takes place in Porto from 27 – 29 September and is well worth a look…

We’ll post a link to Richard and Renny’s text, What more do you want? A family tree of Quarantine’s work with family and the familiar… as soon as the book is published.