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Quarantine was established in 1998 by directors Richard Gregory and Renny O’Shea with designer Simon Banham. We make original theatre, performance and public events with and about the people who are in it. Whatever form it takes, our work begins and ends with the people in the room. Over the last 20 years, we've collaborated with a shifting constellation of artists, performers and people who've never done anything like this before. Our work seeks to create the circumstances for a conversation between strangers...

Walking Backwards

Beginning with a Quarantine visit to Beijing in 2005, Walking Backwards now describes our relationship with 2 visual artists – Rania Ho and Wang Wei of Arrow Factory, one of Beijing’s most intriguing art spaces. The latest stage in our dialogue is Kitchen Project.

Why we’re making Walking Backwards

Over the years the four of us have talked endlessly in real time and by phone or Skype – even sent a few letters; made bread, taught cookery classes to people in their own homes, met musicians, pawn brokers, refugees, the people responsible for branding Manchester and many many more.

We have continually returned to ideas around the impossibility of authenticity, what tourists are looking for, what it means to make and share a meal.

And eaten good food.  Lots of food.

Inspired by our conversations Quarantine will make a  series of pavement plaques in Manchester – flat monuments to ordinary people and everyday events.  A collision of personal histories and city geographies.  

Future incarnations will happen in a variety of forms and spaces – including a return to Arrow Factory.

More soon…

Credits and performance details

Artists: Richard Gregory, Rania Ho, Renny O’Shea, Wang Wei

Production details

Walking Backwards was originally funded by the British Council Artists Links programme.  The latest stage has been commissioned by Chinese Arts Centre and funded by Arts Council England.