Would Like to Meet: Artist reflections

Parrot speaking into a microphone with silver glitter slash in background

“I never imagined having such an opportunity to reflect as an artist at this point in my life… to cast myself back 20 years, and also somehow, forward 20 years… The residency was like a tidal water mark… I sense in a few years time I will be able to trace decisions, senses and feelings […]

Dr Rox Middleton: Communicating beauty

A woman in a brown dress stands in front of a screen with a projected question using 'Are you brave?'. The screen also displays a live feed of a railway station. In the foreground a person is sat on an orange chair with their back to the camera. They are looking at each other.

Dr Rox Middleton, a physicist from the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, is collaborating with us on The Beauty Project; a research project that seeks to expand an evidence base for cultural value by looking at ways to understand and articulate the value of beauty. In September 2022, Rox came up to Manchester to […]