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A book is in the library and a library is in the book. Building of spines is a new project by Quarantine, created by lead artist Kate Daley in collaboration with writer Ella Otomewo. It happens over seven days in a library. During that time a book is researched, written, edited, printed and bound by hand.
Our smallest and most intimate project yet. A conversation between strangers over a meal. In person and concept-touring versions available…
12 Last Songs is a durational piece by Quarantine about labour – the work that we do. Taking place over 12 hours, it is part-performance, part-exhibition of people.
A year-long research experiment, supported by The Centre for Cultural Value, Leeds, UK, looking at the value of beauty, with a focus on experiences of beauty in live performance. 
Would Like to Meet is an artist residency opportunity for pairs of artists with a minimum 20-year age gap – focussing on what questions artists from different generations have for each other.
Underscore is an interactive digital experiment that disrupts the silent power structures of public space through live writing and projection of personal statements with real-time observations.
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