Girl Roller Skating on an empty road at night

Who runs the world?

Underscore is an interactive digital experiment that disrupts the silent power structures of public space through live writing and projection of personal statements with real-time observations.

The first version was set against the backdrop of the Emmeline Pankhurst statue in St Peter’s Square, Manchester. Artists Lisa Mattocks, Lowri Evans and poet Molly Twomey invited three generations of women to go undercover and live report on everything they see and hear as the sky turns black. They asked and answered questions about what keeps them awake at night, what they wished they’d said and what it all means, turning the tables on who gets to be seen and who gets to watch. 

Underscore is about mass observation, reclaiming space, and taking back the night.

Future versions of Underscore will respond to the specific contexts and spaces in which they take place.

Visit the website at www.thisisunderscore.com