Quarantine has developed several policies and associated action plans to guide our ways of working and behaviours, to ensure we meet our ambitions, work within the law, act fairly and model good practice.

Some of these policies are also a requirement from our funders.

We spend time thinking about, discussing, and crafting our policies, to make sure they reflect best practice and the most up to date legal positions, are actionable, robust and are questioning in themselves, and crucially, that we all understand how to implement them.

We have one member of staff and one member of our Board of Trustees who ‘champion’ each policy and are responsible for writing or refreshing documents, staying on track with the relevant action plans, and carrying out reviews to incorporate any changes in approach, law or best practice.

Key policies include our:

Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

We occasionally work with children, young people and vulnerable adults and often work with members of the public as collaborators in our work.  Our creative process is often based on the sharing of personal histories and information. We aim to create respectful and trusting relationships between everyone involved.  Our aim is that everyone feels safe, secure and supported in these environments. We hope that the process is positive and enjoyable, but also recognise that it may be emotional, difficult and complex.  Accordingly, Quarantine is committed to a creative process which:

  • Respects and promotes the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Respects the rights, wishes and feelings of children, young people, vulnerable adults and all with whom we are working
  • Ensures best health and safety practice
  • Takes all reasonable, practicable steps to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from harm or abuse

This policy seeks to ensure that Quarantine undertakes its responsibilities regarding protection of children and or vulnerable adults and will respond to concerns appropriately. The policy establishes a framework to support paid and voluntary staff in their practices and clarifies the organisation’s expectations.

We are currently updating this policy.

Diversity & Equality Policy

This policy and action plan details our plans to increase the diversity of our personnel (employees and freelancers including artists), Board and volunteers, and other stakeholders including audiences, as well as providing equal opportunities and proactively supporting and encouraging those who might face discrimination or exclusion or are currently under-represented in our sector. 

Our policy and action plan details how we will do this through commitments to: being open and transparent about our own shortcomings; investing time and money in advertising and networking in order to attract more people who are currently under-represented; taking steps to eliminate unconscious bias from our decision-making processes; monitoring our workforce to understand the effectiveness of our policy and action plan; questioning power and privilege; sharing the benefits of the position we hold and amplifying the voices, experiences and activities of those who have experienced disadvantage and marginalisation; treating everyone with empathy, dignity and respect; adopting flexible and responsive working practices; offering training and development opportunities to all staff; taking seriously any complaints made by people engaged in our work; to continually be responsive, to listen and learn from our mistakes.

Sustainability Policy

This policy outlines our commitments to reducing our negative environmental impacts. It details how we plan to influence and collaborate with partners and others we work through the development of our Green Credentials and a Green Rider.  It also documents our advocacy role in this area, including amplification of messaging and good practice from others.

Human Approach to Working Together

This is a live, working document which collates all the ways in which we feel we demonstrate a human approach to work and working together.  This includes some elements from our more formal policies (e.g. compassionate leave, flexible working, access commitments) and informal approaches (e.g. an open definition of ‘work’, flexible scheduling). As a small, independent organisation we can determine the circumstances in which we conceive, plan and deliver our work that are person-centred and life-friendly; meeting the needs of individuals who make up Quarantine, whilst remaining accountable to our purpose and objectives, as well as governance and funding requirements. 

We also have a range of other policies that shape our activities and support and protect the people we interact with, including

  • Privacy Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Grievance & Disciplinary Policy
  • Ethical Policy
  • Board Induction Procedure
  • Finance Policy & Finance Procedures

We are also developing several other policies.

If you would like a copy of any of our policies, or would like to discuss our policies, please contact Morayo Sodipo, Communications Manager, via morayo@qtine.com