Sharing Practice

Being part of a wider discussion about contemporary performance, in the UK and internationally, is part of our work as an ensemble of artists and producers. Each of us at Quarantine plays a distinct role in making things. Our own creative practices develop in dialogue with our collaborators and the wider sector, and we aim to help others with overlapping interests where we can. We see what we do as being part of a big conversation around art and its place in the world. At a moment in time where there’s a pressure to turn inwards, to pursue parochial concerns, it’s all the more important to reach out beyond our own experience to connect with the wider world. We know that when we share what we do we get as much out of it as we give.

Our ensemble members regularly give talks and workshops in academic and artistic contexts. You can find out about any open opportunities by signing up to our email newsletter or keeping an eye on our website or social media channels. And of course you can ask us directly….

If you’d like to arrange for us to deliver a talk or workshop for your organisation, then get in touch with We have a range of curated talks and workshops that we can deliver in person or virtually, or we can tailor something to meet your needs and interests, whoever you are.

Quarantine’s work has been written and talked about in many different forums and publications. You can find documentation and resources related to our work on our different project pages and in the Links & Resources section of our website. 

From time to time we run structured mentoring schemes and artist development projects – again, sign up to the newsletter or look out for information on our website or social media or send us an email to say ‘hello’ and see what’s in the pipeline.

We also offer tailored support on an ad hoc basis. If you’re an individual artist or producer, part of a company, or thinking about setting one up, there are a number of ways that we might be able to help. We can offer dramaturgical support or an outside eye on your latest project, or simply a one-off conversation about your work and ideas.

We’re also happy to share advice around producing, reflecting on our experience of developing partnerships to resource and contextualise making and presenting work in the UK and abroad, on project management, delivery and documentation, as well as fundraising and how we communicate about what we do and the work we make. One member of our ensemble is also a photographer and can be available to support documentation or marketing shoots.

If you think there’s something we might be able to help with, get in touch to start a conversation at We’ll try to work out a useful package or maybe one-off support. For regularly funded or established organisations we’ll charge a reasonable rate; for independent artists, and new or unfunded companies it’s free.