FEATURE: A theatre project like no other I’ve ever encountered

Manchester Confidentials, May 2019

No rebellious squat set-up, Lucy Tomlinson has a profound experience in this unconventional Salford arts project.

The sun is setting. The sky is streaked with pink as I cross the bridge over the River Irwell. As I’m walking I realise I haven’t been down this way in ages, despite being only five minutes from Victoria Station. It certainly looks a lot different to how I remember it. My destination, nestling in the seam between Manchester and Salford is a development of dozens of grey-panelled, wipe-clean houses. I turn a corner and a small paper sign in the window of a house – asking ominously: ‘Must We Suffer? Who Should We Trust? Is There Ever a Right Thing To Do?’ – lets me know I’m at the right place.

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