November 1, 2019

21 years – and our first book!

Quarantine turns 21 this November and we’ve marked the occasion by creating and editing a book, published by Manchester University Press.

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. Staging Life and Death is a volume of essays inspired by our epic quartet of works, which comprises three live performances and a film. The books are available to pre-order now – just click the PayPal link below and we will post them out later this month.

The full quartet Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. premiered at the Old Granada Television Studios in Manchester in spring 2016 and it has since been staged, in its full or component parts, across the UK and in France and the Netherlands. This illustrated volume both documents the live work, and responds to and builds on the thematic, ethical and aesthetic questions that underpin it. At the heart of the quartet is the human life cycle and our relationship with time: the processes of living and dying, the experience of looking backwards and forwards, of being in the present, and of reflection on the stages of life.

The book features contributions from a range of artists, producers and thinkers – including philosophers and sociologists. Some of whom we know very well, long-standing friends and collaborators, others we sought out because their concerns and expertise chimed with something in one of the four elements of the quartet. It includes essays, interviews and personal reflections, as well as a recipe for white peach, rosemary and black pepper jam.

We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed compiling it!

Order: Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. Staging Life and Death

To order for postage outside of Europe, please email

Published by: Manchester University Press (October 2019)
ISBN: 978-1-5261-4347-1

Edited by: Simon Banham, Sarah Hunter, Michael Brady and Renny O’Shea

Contributors: Michele Aaron; Michael Baldwin; Simon Banham; Michael Brady; Havi Carel; Rachel Davies; Cristina Delgado-García; Martin Elftert; Richard Gregory; Biray Kolluoğlu; Rania Ho; Sonia Hughes; Sarah Hunter; Lisa Mattocks; Joslin McKinney; Renny O’Shea; Carolyn Price; Travis Rieder; Leentje Van De Cruys; Zafer Yenal; Mary Zournazi.

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