April 20, 2016

What shall I do with my hands? A panel discussion at Northumbria University

Earlier this year, Quarantine’s Richard Gregory became Visiting Fellow at Northumbria University. Richard has since been invited to take part in a Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) event on verbatim, documentary, biographical and autobiographical performance practices, hosted by the university on Thursday 11 May.

Training to give evidence is a one day event which seeks to explore the specific performer training processes that various form of ‘Theatre of The Real’ might require, and to map out commonalities and differences in diverse approaches. The event will bring together practitioners with researchers and will combine scholarly papers, with provocations, performances and demonstrations of practice. 

Richard will chair a panel discussion – “What shall I do with my hands?” – on working with instructions, agents of disruption and exposing the means of production in unrehearsed biographical performance.



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