June 26, 2024

Meet Quarantine’s Philosopher in Residence

Michael Brady is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He’s also Quarantine’s Philosopher in Residence.

Quarantine work to create art that is alive to contemporary experience. Michael’s work in philosophy is situated within the contexts of everyday life – the philosophy of emotion, or the philosophy of pain and suffering, for example.

These shared approaches make the relationship an important one, and it’s a relationship that’s lasted many years – Michael worked with us on Make-Believe (2009), Entitled (2011) and co-edited Quarantine’s book Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. Staging Life and Death in 2019. We’re looking forward to collaborating on our new performance project Telescope, to be developed over the next 18 months…

Michael’s current research, on trauma, is sensitive to how our thoughts and feelings can change and adapt in extreme adversity, and how the meanings and values we embody in our lives can shift as a result.

Much of our work responds to the way we give shape to our lives, finding ways to frame and understand the narratives we create.

These similar perspectives and concerns make our supposedly ‘interdisciplinary’ connection altogether natural.

Read more about Michael’s work.

A blue lit stage with the word Entitled projected on to the wall

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