Sarah Hunter

Artist & producer

Sarah Hunter is one of Quarantine’s core Artist and Producers and has been making work with the company in various capacities since 2014.

Sarah’s recent work with Quarantine includes leading The Beauty Project (2022/23), a year-long research experiment with a philosopher and physicist exploring the value of beauty; co-creating 12 Last Songs (2021-), including recruitment and dramaturgy of the workers who become the performers in each city; co-creating The people of, an audio walk made for and about local high streets in Recklinghausen, Germany and Manchester, UK (2022); collaborating on an artistic residency at MITsp festival (2020) in São Paulo, Brazil, working with local artists to develop a performance-exhibition in response to the politics of visibility in their city; and co-creating and producing Tenancy (2018/19), a project exploring what happens to neighbourliness in the context of rapid urban development. Sarah also co-curated and co-edited Quarantine’s first book: Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring.: Staging Life and Death, which was published by Manchester University Press (2019).

Alongside working with Quarantine, Sarah has a freelance practice that includes making, writing, and dramaturgy, most often in collaboration with other artists. She is interested in broken storytelling, the fragility of memory, and the politics of vulnerability.

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