A Small Constellation

Don’t lose sight of anybody else.

A small constellation is a strategy for making an instant performance about seeing ourselves in relation to others.

Some people meet in a room. Each of them gets familiar with who else is there. They become some kind of a group, at least for now.

They walk out into the city with a simple set of instructions: don’t lose sight of anybody else, go wherever you like…. Try to blend in.

A couple of hours later they return to the room they met in. Together they build a representation of what just happened. 

An audience comes and goes and observes what happens…

The premiere of A small constellation took place on Saturday 6 December 2014 at Contact, Manchester as part of the inaugural SHIFT Festival.     

Quarantine’s theatrical excavations of everyday life have influenced a generation of theatre-makers, both in the UK and abroad…”
Lyn Gardner, November 2014