Between Us We Know Everything…

2010 marked the last print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica: in 25 years, the World Wide Web replaced a 246-year old resource….

Between us, we know everything…. sought to capture what we know, everything we know, anything we know. In its title and process, it somehow acknowledged Jacques Ranciere’s axiomatic premise of equality of intelligence that leads to a reassessment of  the value given to different forms of human activity, knowledge and their modes of transmission.

Between us, we know everything….  invited people to share the useful and useless information they’d acquired over the course of their lives. Again, it brought people into the story – making a huge online map of knowledge also became a part of Quarantine’s ongoing process of mass portraiture.  

A mobile video studio – in Quarantine’s van, soundproofed and kitted out with cameras and refreshments  – toured widely and invited passing members of the public to film a piece of information that they wanted to share with the world. Their fragment of knowledge was upload to a dedicated website.