Lived-In Rooms

Lived-In Rooms was an exhibition of the seminal 1973 June Street portraits of Salford residents by photographers Daniel Meadows & Martin Parr, together with a response of new photographs by Gavin Parry. It was presented in Quarantine’s Tenancy project house in November 2019.

In 1973, Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr photographed the residents of June Street in Salford, documenting them in the front rooms of their homes, just months before their red-brick terraced houses were demolished. 

In 2018, 1.5 miles away, the white and grey modular terraces of Irwell Riverside were completed, and the first residents moved in.

In a homage and a redux of the June Street series, Gavin Parry photographed the residents of Irwell Riverside in their homes. From June Street demolition to Irwell Riverside redevelopment, this exhibition reflected 50 years of political, social and technological changes that re-shaped the terraced street and city living.

Lived-In Rooms exhibited Gavin Parry’s photographs publicly for the first time, side by side with the June Street series, on site in a house in the new Irwell Riverside development, which sits on the border of Manchester & Salford.