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Quarantine was set up 16 years ago by artists Simon Banham, Richard Gregory and Renny O'Shea to make theatre, performance and other public events. We make original work with and about the people who are in it – collaborating with a shifting constellation of highly skilled artists and performers and with people who have never done anything like this before. Whatever form it takes, our work begins and ends with the people in the room. In a variety of ways, we try to create the circumstances for a conversation between strangers...


Summer. is a large-scale theatre piece, performed by 30 to 40 local people of all ages. The piece focuses on this moment in time – using project instructions, unrehearsed interviews, and live writing to make an event that directly engages with the present situation of its performers, asking them to respond spontaneously to direction and questions they haven’t encountered before. Summer. is about being alive, right now.


Summer. is the first part of an ambitious quartet of performances created by Quarantine over the next 3 years that look at the human life cycle. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. will be made in four separate parts then played as a marathon event from 2016. 


“… Life, like this show, is previous and changeable, and happens in the moments amongst the madness. Tomorrow will reveal something else, or offer up another gift, or take another surprising turn.”  Public Reviews 


Recent Touring

Summer. premiered to sell-out audiences in a warehouse space in Salford in June 2014, in co-production with Contact, and was performed by a diverse group of 37 people, aged 18 months to 76 years. 



Tonight and tomorrow the show will be different. Because that's how life is... Lyn Gardner: The Guardian



    Production details

    Co-produced by Contact.
    Supported by Arts Council England, The Granada Foundation, Islington Mill, Salford City Council and Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces.  

    With thanks to NOMA.

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