Looking backwards, looking forwards…. a harvest of memory

I don’t know what I did last Friday. Or on the 12th of October. The 11th of September I do remember. I was celebrating the wedding of my two good friends in Dublin. We did what we do best when we are together, only with more glamour and commitment than usual. We ate and drank […]

Wallflower: Robbert van Heuven interviews Richard Gregory

In Wallflower, Quarantine challenges you to remember all the dances you’ve danced ​​in your life – because what you remember is who you are.  Try it yourself. Take a few minutes to remember the dances you’ve danced over the last few years. Why were you dancing? With whom? What music was playing? How did you feel? The more dances you remember, […]

Notes from a Wallflower – Monday 17th August

As we approach the end, I’m reminded of how the work seems – to me – to be always asking, what is a dance? Sonia in the oval auditorium, with 60s panelling, remembers a dance that takes place after the concert. She roots herself firmly into the ground and beats her right hand into the […]

Notes from a Wallflower: Wednesday 12th August

Sonia is about to perform her solo. She begins by explaining the context for the first dance she is about to do and then the music starts. I think about how much the movement speaks – it seems – more thoroughly and deeply than words. Later in the solo, she describes a tale of lost […]

Notes from a Wallflower: Tuesday 11th August

The room is quiet as everyone puts pencil to paper. I watch Jo set the sheet down in the centre of her notebook very carefully and deliberately. A mapping exercise is beginning, in which each of the Wallflower performers, and Richard and Renny, mark out on paper their own sense of the piece in terms […]

Notes from a Wallflower: Mon 10th August

I arrived as the performers were breaking for lunch. Nic asks, ‘does anyone want anything from the outside world?’ and I occupy myself thinking about that idea of another world – the world of the rehearsal room. After lunch is a period of talking. Richard discusses the idea of the constructed memory of an event […]

Notes from a Wallflower

Quarantine invites blogger and academic Dani Abulhawa into the creative process as we enter the last few weeks of making our new work, Wallflower… Thursday 6th August The performers are halfway through the creative process, when I arrive to observe. I enter the rehearsal room and take a seat, with a feeling of needing to […]

The first day of Autumn.

Quarantine’s method of creating work always starts and ends with the people in the room… in the brand new studio space at HOME Richard and Renny gathered together some old faces and began to explore ideas around memory and self… how does looking back inform how we look forward, how does excavating who we have […]

Sarah Wolff: Archiving 17 years of Quarantine

MA student Sarah Wolff has joined the Quarantine team for three months to help us manage the archive of work which spans our 17-year history. We asked Sarah to write a little bit about her experience of working with us so far…. I am currently in my second and final semester working towards a MA […]