Thank you. 

To every single person who has collaborated with us, attended or taken part  in an event / performance / exhibition / workshop of ours, supported us, asked questions and given advice, thank you.  It’s a cliché – but of course we wouldn’t still be here, doing what we do, without you.  So here’s 25 years worth of thanks to all of you  for all of that…

When we started out – a group of artists and friends who saw something in common and wanted to work together – we had no sense at all that our collaboration would last so long.  It’s not something we planned.  We did, however, from the outset,  have a notion of the kind of work that we wanted to try to make: art that raises questions about the way society is structured and about how we live and interact with one another; theatre that might not look like theatre but pushes at the edges of what might be possible.  As we look back at what  we’ve made and the people we’ve worked with, we’ve pretty much stuck with our original intention, for all the myriad ways it’s changed shape over the years.  We’ve learned so much and worked with so many brilliant people over those 25 years.  We’re still driven to find new ways of working, to concoct new forms for our ideas – to build on what we’ve learned and experienced so far.  And we’re excited by what this next chapter of Quarantine might bring.  

Coming up this month, we want to share the next phase of The Beauty Project with you.  Supported by the Centre for Cultural Value, this collision of art, science, and philosophy interrogates the value of beauty, with a focus on experiences of beauty in live performance.  You’ll be able to join us as we continue to explore a language for articulating and understanding the value of beauty via a purpose-built project website.

We also thought that now was as good a time as any to give our own website a bit of a refresh. Some of you may have already noticed this makeover, thanks to the team at Out Of Place.  Take a wander through our corner of the internet and get to know our team, what we do, how we can work together, and ways you can support our work.

Speaking of our work, the video below gives a quick overview of what we’ve made so far – though it does not have any audio.  Explore each project further.