November 22, 2022

Meet the Would Like to Meet artists

WOULD LIKE TO MEET is a series of week-long exchanges across November and December 2022 for artists who are generations apart but interested in bringing their practices together. Hosted and supported by Quarantine, we’ve invited pairs of artists with a twenty-year minimum age gap to come together to spend a week framed by the provocation ‘what questions do you have for each other?’ 

Aimed at facilitating intergenerational collaborations, the residency will explore an area of shared interest, framed by the notion of asking each other questions.

Our WOULD LIKE TO MEET artists are:

Fynn Galloway and Ginny Koppenhol

Both DJs, Fynn and Ginny’s questions to each other look at the impact and importance of Kanteena (the Lancastrian independent music venue they met at) and the experiences of people who form the community there. Why still use vinyl in a digital age? What is happening in the dance music scene now that’s as important as it was 30 years ago? What are people still needing/craving from a dance floor? 

@fynngalloway | @ginnykopmusic

Hannah Buckley and Kevin Lycett

Asking questions around their bodies and relationships to their chronic illnesses to draw connections, dancer and choreographer Hannah and visual artist Kevin want to explore how their artistic practices – Kevin’s ritualistic approach, and Hannah’s somatic ways of generating movement – can come together and inform each other. 

@hannah___buckley | @kevin.lycett

Maryam Hussain and Hafsah Aneela Bashir

As artists that both use their art as a spiritual tool to better understand themselves and the world we live in, Maryam and Hafsah want to ask each other what is gained from embarking on individual quests and at what cost, when belonging to a collective. Using Persian miniatures and metaphor, they will track the quests they have taken as women. 

@hafsah_a_bashir | @the_yamwise

Rhiannon Armstrong and Sue Palmer

As the climate crisis escalates, and they move through milestones of age, Rhiannon and Sue find themselves questioning whether art making can hold them any longer as the primary way that they make meaning in the world. Through living in a shared domestic space, they will come together to think about where they find meaning in the margins between artistic practice and everyday life. 

@armstrongtactic | @suepalmer_23

To foster a culture of sharing learning, we have asked each pair to make a video that will be shared online that gives others an insight into the ideas they’ve been playing with, and the questions they were left with. We’ll update you when artists are ready to share their outcomes.

Dark haired woman sits on an orange chair in a black box theatre. Looking away from the camera. There is a microphone on a stand to the left of her. She is wearing a glittery black dress.

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