January 26, 2017

Making Wallflower: James Monaghan – Dancer (Part 2)

Wallflower is a Tango.

It is a question of how much do I want to give you?

Should I give you?

Do you want?

Can you take?

How much can I take?

Being careful to not make the ‘wrong’ steps

To make ‘real’ steps

To not make shy steps

Being free

Being honest

Being guarded

Being me, then

Being me, now

Being with you

It’s none of these but all of them.

A conversation of dance,

A meeting point.

A negotiation of truth.

A shared dance

We as the performers take the lead

But a good dance leader knows when to follow.

James Monaghan is a theatre maker, performer, live artist, writer, occasional dancer, competitor, grandson, lover and human.

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