February 15, 2017

Making Wallflower: Richard Gregory, Director

1. Country dancing (1969 – 1971)

2. The crowd outside St Peter’s Church in Belper (1981)

3. A woman on stage asking the audience for cigarettes in Alain Platel’s La Tristeza Complice (1997)

4. Someone behind me ripping the shirt off my back at the Clash at the King’s Hall, Derby (1978)

5. Hating Mårten Spångberg’s Epic and realising now that something remains (2013)

6. Leaning into the wind at St Mary’s Lighthouse (1995)

7. The 5 minute interval that Jerome Bel cut from Disabled Theater (2012)

8. The DJ dancing to Private Dancer in Jerome Bel’s The Show Must Go On (2009)

9. Ian Curtis, various (1979/80)

10. Tim Booth, various (1983)

11. Auditioning Jo Fong for Entitled – asking her and Sonia Hughes to try to remember every dance they’ve ever danced (2010)

12. John Peel playing Teenage Kicks twice in a row (1978)

13. Buying a stranger a curry in exchange for a conversation (2012 to present)

14. Wearing skirts (various, 1978 to 1995 approx)

15. Drug-induced gentle hand-dancing at Flesh then back to ours (1992/93)

16. Lights going out – clunk clunk clunk – around Cathy Naden in Forced Entertainment’s Bloody Mess (2004)

17. Trajal Harrell telling us that during the performance we might see his hand tremble and that this is normal and that this is part of the performance in Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (Extra Small) (2015)

18. Eva Gregory, partially trained at the Renee Cross School of Dancing, teaching me to tap dance in our kitchen (1969 to 2005 approx)

19. An Pierlé singing Eternal Flame on top of a speaker in Alain Platel’s Bernadetje (1996)

20. Richard Billingham’s mum’s dress and the jigsaw in Ray’s A Laugh (2000)

21. Chicken dancing to Theatre of Hate at the Manchester Poly disco with Michael Brady and Damien Cooney (1982/83?)

22. Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor tipping the sofa over at the end of the Good Morning routine in Singin’ In The Rain (1970)

23. Wendy Houstoun walking across wine glasses at the end of Strange Fish  (1992)

24. Dancing with Ren (1992 to 2017 and on)

25. Playing “White Horses” at the end of the night at the Phono (1993 to 1995)

26. Pina Bausch clattering through the chairs in Café Muller (2008)

27. Eisa Jocson striding down the catwalk in Macho Dancer (2015)

28. Fred Astaire hitting golf balls (c. 1971)

Richard Gregory is a co-artistic director of Quarantine, and director of Wallflower.

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