Making Wallflower: Rend, repair, repeat

James’ trousers are torn again. Someone in the costume department is repairing them for the third time, a third rend in a fabric already scarred with cotton thread and patches – torn always in the same place. The first time was Dublin Theatre Festival 2015, the second time was in Vitlycke, Sweden, right in the […]

Sharing the learning from our strategic touring project 2014/15

In 2014 and 2015 Quarantine was supported by Arts Council England’s strategic touring programme to take three projects to new people and places across the North West, West Yorkshire and the East Midlands. Between us, we know everything…, The Soldier’s Song, and Table Manners were presented in collaboration with our project partners: Contact, Manchester; Derby Theatre; Spot On Rural Touring, […]

Making Wallflower: Jane Mason – Choreographic advisor

Choreography of the everyday  I remember the image of a man standing close to my then home in Brockley in SE London, during the late summer of 1996. He was stood on the edge of a curb, facing into the sloping leafy road, his body unusually still. Leaning forwards with one hand on the lamppost […]

Making Wallflower: Greg Akehurst – Production Manager and DJ

On Thursday I visited Norwich to look at enormous spaces for us to make and perform Quarantine’s Summer, Autumn, Winter. Spring – a sprawling quartet of work with 65 performers from all walks of life. I’ll figure out how to turn a massive space into a theatre and a cinema, a place where performance can happen. […]

Making Wallflower: Jo Fong – dancer

I’m interested in bodies and histories and layers beyond the first impression. I always say, and somehow it’s a bit of a cliché, but I know someone better if I’ve seen someone dance or even better, danced with them. Maybe it is to do with a language beyond the verbal and the visual, a shared […]

Catalyst Evolve – new funding awarded to develop Quarantine fundraising capacity

Quarantine have been awarded funding from Arts Council England‘s ‘Catalyst Evolve’ programme to develop our fundraising capacity. Catalyst Evolve is a new initiative that aims to support organisations with a limited track record in fundraising to attract more private giving. Quarantine are one of 140 projects that will collectively receive a total of £17.5 million through […]

‘We Know That Everybody Dances’ Workshops at Juncture 2016

We Know That Everybody Dances is a series of artist-led workshops presented by Juncture 2016, exploring creative collaboration with people who aren’t trained to dance/people who think they can’t dance/people who love to dance. This series of workshops departs from the premise that non-professional dancers, and professional dance workers of all kinds, can form different modes […]

Lab Sweden at Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival

This month, Wallflower travels to Tanum in Sweden for this year’s Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival (18 – 27 August), Sweden’s international festival of performing arts. As part of Quarantine’s involvement in the festival, Richard Gregory and Renny O’Shea have been invited to lead a two-day workshop as part of Lab Sweden, an artistic lab […]

Making Contact – an oral history of Contact Manchester

Celebrating Contact’s 50th year, Making Contact is a new film and website featuring over 60 interviews with staff, artists and young people who have been part of Contact’s legacy of inspiring and developing generations of artists. Both Richard and Renny have shared their histories, from working with Contact’s young company in the 90s, to making […]