Lucy Tomlinson: The process of looking

A stack of books on the subject of beauty. White background, grey tabletop.

Lucy Tomlinson is our research assistant for The Beauty Project; a research project that seeks to expand an evidence base for cultural value by looking at ways to understand and articulate the value of beauty. Here Lucy shares her reflections on doing a deep dive into beauty through key philosophical texts spanning hundreds of years. […]

Would Like to Meet: Artist reflections

Parrot speaking into a microphone with silver glitter slash in background

“I never imagined having such an opportunity to reflect as an artist at this point in my life… to cast myself back 20 years, and also somehow, forward 20 years… The residency was like a tidal water mark… I sense in a few years time I will be able to trace decisions, senses and feelings […]

Dr Rox Middleton: Communicating beauty

A woman in a brown dress stands in front of a screen with a projected question using 'Are you brave?'. The screen also displays a live feed of a railway station. In the foreground a person is sat on an orange chair with their back to the camera. They are looking at each other.

Dr Rox Middleton, a physicist from the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, is collaborating with us on The Beauty Project; a research project that seeks to expand an evidence base for cultural value by looking at ways to understand and articulate the value of beauty. In September 2022, Rox came up to Manchester to […]

The Beauty Project: Experiments in looking again

a close up of a desk in a lab, there are two hands, one pointing to a small round object in a blue box, it is an object in resin. There are small scissors and shards of glass on the table top.

I am in a science lab in the biology department at the University of Bristol. The desk in front of me is a pleasing chaos of collected objects and scientific equipment – remnants of foraged berries dried on their branches; yellow lidded test tubes; neat rows of metal stubs with carbon tape discs on them; […]

Navigating environmental impact: Ella Pound

River Irwell in Manchester with houses in background and 4 silver birch tree stumps in foreground.

Following my BA in English, I was keen to pursue my interest in working in the arts, heritage, and culture sector. I applied for an MA in Arts Management, Policy and Practice and moved to Manchester, and, from December 2021 to May 2022, I was lucky enough to be on placement one day a week […]

Passando Lápis: Mit Personen in unterschiedlichen Sprachen arbeiten

(Passing pencils: Working with people in other languages) There were six of us sat in the tailors on Bochumer Straße in Recklinghausen, Germany. Myself and Sarah, Julian, Zoë, Gülten and the tailor himself – Halil. We were interviewing local people for our project – The people of. I led the interview, asking a question to […]

Environmental Case Study: Opening our eyes

Executive Director Ali Dunican reflects on using a period of r&d and open rehearsals to think about how we enact our environmental responsibility. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when any of us individually became aware of climate change and our negative impact on our environment. Organisationally, for Quarantine, there has been an increasing awareness of […]

Documenting a process – Lowri Evans on 12 Last Songs

Line sketch of rehearsal room

Artist Lowri Evan’s journal of intimate, immediate drawings document the rehearsal process of our new work 12 Last Songs.  I’ve been friends with Quarantine for about fifteen years. What I like about Quarantine is it’s hard to know where they start and end; it’s never just the work, it’s the people. So it’s easy to […]

To scale: Mapping inside these four walls

Morecombe and Wise (the fish)

The 1st of April 2021 was the second day of an online workshop that Quarantine delivered looking at processes of mapping and modelling. Many of our recent works have looked under the surface of place, in Tenancy and Between us we know everything, for example. Right now, we’re working on three artistic projects – Ark, The people […]


Signs of the times

Following a residency at MITsp 2020 in Brazil, artist & producer Sarah Hunter reflects on how complex ideas are communicated between people, languages and cultures.   As with most Quarantine processes, we began our month-long residency at MITsp by eating together. We welcomed our new collaborators with homemade lemon drizzle cake, scones with cream and […]